March 15, 2007

Cloudy Won’t You Stay Away

Posted in A Good Whine at 10:43 pm by relief1

It’s been a heck of a month thus far.  My husband has been planning his trip to London to see his family and finally bought the ticket today al hamdulilaah.  I’m glad he’s getting an opportunity to go and hope that his business doesn’t go under during my management of it while he’s away.

I think he made me real paranoid as he told me that most of his clientele are very anti-muslim and if some of his customers walk in see him and walk out – so Allah knows how they would take to someone clearly Muslim in hijab so I just feel uncomfortable handling the reigns but inshallah things will go well.

My kids are getting better it seems. They are more manageable and they are starting to learn this deen.  I gave two of them and islamic quiz and they knew the answers to almost everything I asked al hamdulilaah so they are retaining what they learned.

My 4 year old has a new thing she picked up around the way it’s called:

“Talk to the hand” and she places her hand up in front of you.  This is done when you are saying something she doesn’t want to hear or have time for. She’ll just put her hand up in a stop signal fashion and advise you to talk to the hand. Such precious rudeness I was quite taken aback!!

Little gems like this come flowing from her mouth like water out of a faucet. I still haven’t made it home to see my family as I was sick the last time I planned to go, then my mom got out of dodge with a quick trip to Florida for sun and no stress.

She planned and went the same week I was planning on going to see her.

I would like to move from my current locale because I just can’t take it any more. The friendliest people are the Wal-Mart cashiers! Wal-Mart staff are the only people I see regularly – perhaps I should buy stock in Wal-Mart.

For Muslims trying to save money I recommend Amana Mutual Funds by Saturna Capital. I moved my IRA there that my previous employer had given me and al hamdulilaah the money is gaining strength after strength.  It is a good mechanism to save money for hajj, hijrah, or just general family savings.

I’m falling asleep on the keyboard so I will sign off for now.


  1. ummbinat said,

    ahh, too bad you didn’t make it down here. Your mom sounds like my mother. I was thinking to go to philly to see her, come to find that she has booked her tickets to Florida as well. Hey what about us! We are lots more fun than sunny beaches, warm weather and palm trees. Well maybe next time. About the amana funds, can 401 k be moved as well? I might have to look into them. Thanks for the tip.

  2. relief1 said,

    Wow, Umm binat
    Sounds like your mom and mine don’t need to meet! Perhaps they know each other. My mom has a sister who lives in West Palm Beach so that makes it easy to plan these quick get aways. She retired 2 years ago and loves to travel.

    I don’t know whether the 401k can be moved there but check Amana out as they have a mutual fund that I use as a savings instruments to get away from the riba banks.

    Now my 4 year old calls my mom up and asks why haven’t you come to see me and now its not a good time with hubby away and my duties tripled.

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