March 9, 2007

Bank of America filth

Posted in A Good Whine at 3:09 am by relief1

Well today is another day of woe be me at my lovely riba bank of america!

I am searching for a new bank as I am tired of the customer disservice. I’m not looking for great interest rates or loan products, just someone who can receive my deposits with a smile and give me access to the money the next day so I can write checks as need be.  Unfortunately that Bank of America is totally callous, cold and uncaring.  Truth that I am not the only one can be read at a website called !  Now this site gave me much a great laugh – the comments and insights from the BOA dissatisfied customers and even the BOA employees who come on board to defend their company from it’s not so customer friendly business practices.

This bank if messing up our company’s payroll.  We make a deposit to cover payroll which must be done this week. Never in the past have they put a hold but this particular day my husband did the deposit and maybe his Taliban looks made them think ole lets hold off on releasing the funds on this one.  So we have to wait 7 days to clear as opposed to one day.  I go in the next day to talk to the branch manager and they refuse to budge. Our employees want their money, they are broke and we only pay once a month as it is so I have to finagle all these different accounts, and pull money from out of the sky, and hope our current customers pay us in cash so we can deposit money before payday tomorrow.

Then I go searching online for a new bank. I type in the bank name and then complaints in Google and most come up with pages and pages of complaints of customer disservice.  I keep looking at these voucher checks that I just bought and thinking how I won’t be able to use them at the new bank and convincing myself to somehow stay there until my checks are used. But with less that 10 employees and a monthly payday it will be a year before these checks are used.  I also am forced to go in there and deposit the daily cash receipts for the business so even if I get a new bank the old Bank of America will still have to be used.

I’ve never felt hatred for a bank before this week and I wish it wasn’t like this but they keep doing things like this and I know they wouldn’t care if 100 million people withdrew their money, so my taking my little pennies out won’t affect them one iota.

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  1. ummbinat said,

    i rembember a few years ago BOA was sued by CAIR for muslim descrimination. I think it might have down in NOVA are not sure. But they don’t have a good track record with us. Did you make it here for a visit yet?

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