February 19, 2007

You Are Not Alone

Posted in From the Heart at 4:00 am by relief1

You are not alone

In sadness

You are not alone

in grieving

You are Not alone

in missing

what you’ve known

As friends and family gather,

In the time that will come after,

Please, always know that

You are not alone

Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome) to my blog and know for a surety that you are not alone.  We are all out here together in the world striving to make a change and striving to make a difference.

This blog typical of other blogs is not alone in its perspective. It is the perspective of a Muslim convert who spent half of her life in the world trying to find a place, a place to make a home, to create a future.

I’ve found that place and that is in being Muslim and learning to live for Allah and knowing that I will die one day and hoping that inshallah if I die that my deeds of the day will be for me and not against me. That my reckoning will be swift and that I will be given my record in my right hand and I will be happy and say ‘yes, read my record – tell me my account.

I’ve been Muslim now since 1994 and I have grown and evolved and gone from highs and lows, from good to the bad, from mini-skirt to long skirts to jilbab to niqab and finally at home in jilbab and hijab al hamdulilaah.

As Muslims we are not alone although we are strangers in this life. But as strangers we will find people who we hold common interests with and we will share because

We Are Not Alone

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