February 19, 2007

The Companion of the Dunya

Posted in Heart Softener at 4:37 am by relief1

 And do not burden yourself with its worries, since you have seen with your own eyes its misfortunes and calamities, and you know for certain the grief encountered when separating from it.   And tightly fasten whatever has become distressing in it, in order to make it easy and comfortable when it befalls you.  And be the happiest person concerning your present status in it, and be most wary about what you want further
from it (i.e. higher positions, more wealth, etc.).  For indeed whenever a companion of the worldly life (Dunyaa) trusts one of its pleasures, it dispatches to him something despised from itself.   And when such a companion obtains something from the Dunyaa, he slips up on it, twisting his foot and so he falls over as a result of it.
Anything of the Dunyaa that makes one happy, is only a deception, and whatever of it is beneficial [today], is harmful the next day.   And any ease in it is connected to trials and misfortunes, and anything that remains in it will be made to perish.  Its joys are  mixed with grief and the last years of one’s life in it are full of weakness and frailness.  So adopt the attitude towards it of someone who abstains from it and separates himself from it.   And do not have the attitude of someone who is its lover and shows tender affection for it.
Know that it eliminates the one who lived and resided in it and that it inflicts suffering upon the one who had faith in it and was dazzled by it.   Whatever departs from it, will not return and so it slips away.  And whatever is to come in it is not made known, such that one could expect it.
Be cautious of it!  For indeed its claims are lies and its expectations are deceptions.  Its life is full of hard work and its happiness is murky and full of grief.  And you are upon danger with respect to the Dunyaa.   Either there is a blessing in it, which is soon to perish, or else there is an affliction in it that is descending.  Either there is a calamity that will cause pain or there is a lethal decisive death.
If only the companion of the Dunyaa had realized it, he would have seen that life had been hard and difficult on him, and that he was upon danger with respect to any of its graces, and that he was wary and cautious with respect to the needs he had, and that he was certain of death.   So even if the Creator, the Most High, had not informed anything about [the ills of] the Dunyaa, nor had expounded any examples about it, nor had ordered us to abstain from it, then the Dunyaa itself should be enough to warn even the one who is asleep and would arouse even the one who is negligent and indifferent.
And how much more so is this when there came from Allaah, the Most High, one who alerted and deterred the people from it and who warned and admonished concerning it?!  So it is of no worth to Allaah, not even being worth the equivalent of an  insignificant weight to Allaah, the Most High.   Not even being worth the measure of a small pebble to Him, the Most High.  Not even the measure of a single grain of soil.
And there is no created thing that I know of, which is more hateful to Him than this Dunyaa, and He has not looked at it ever since creating it, out of hatred for it.

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